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ProductSub CategoryUsesDetails
Celery flavour oil Naturals Taste enhancer, flavoring tea and food items and fragrance agent Details
Galanga oil Naturals Spice for flavouring curry, in perfumery Details
Ginger oil Naturals Foods, preservatives, medicines, personal care formulations / perfumery Details
Methyl cinnamate Naturals Used in fragrances and cosmetics. Details
Turmeric oil Naturals Skincare toners, strong antioxidant used in facial products. Details
Vetiver oil Naturals Used in fragrances as fixative, in cosmetics & lotions as masking agent.  Used in aromatherapy.  Used in food industry as flavouring agent. Details
Vetiveryl acetate Naturals Used to flavor candies, bakery goods and processed fruits and as a perfuming agent for cosmetics. Details

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